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A collection of articles and white papers written by Bill Sims Jr. and other behavior change experts.

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Discussions and interviews about the success and failures of behavior based recognition programs and safety incentive programs.

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Keeping the Alligators Away
By John Olesky, CSP
Thanks for sharing this story with us John! We've always wondered how to keep the alligators away! :)

Incentives: Savvy Strategy or Poor Plan?
By OSHA Compliance Advisor
Enjoyed the opportunity to join the conversation in the OSHA Compliance Report about the effectiveness of employee reward plans...

A Mother's Influence
By Rick Atkins, HSE Professional

By Doug Hamilton
Reflections on the link between behaviour and business success

A Note from Tom...
By Tom Werner
In the early 1980's, I was working as a Loss Control Engineer for two NC DOT Divisions which consisted of about 1500 employees spread across 11 counties.

Building Teamwork with Behavior-Based Safety
By Jerry Westbrook
Why do I want to train somebody to get better in safety when I’m only going to have him for three days and then he’s going to go and work for someone else?

What Do You Want Me to Do, Exactly?
By Doug Hamilton
It is generally accepted that around 80 - 85% of workplace ‘accidents’ are traceable to some specific human behavior, either at the time of the accident or preceding it.

Safety—the Main Ingredient at NutraSweet
By Larry Beggs
Approximately 300 employees go to work every day at Lovers Lane, the address of the NutraSweet plant in Augusta, Georgia. The setting sounds sweet—and the product certainly is...

New Safety Approach Yields 65% Incident Reduction
By Gunther Hoock
Horizon Lines, and Hawaii Stevedores, Inc. (HSI), affiliated organizations in Honolulu, Hawaii, recently reported great success implementing a program that rewards employees for safe behaviors.

Injury Hiding-How Do You Stop It?
By Bill Sims Jr.
"I've inherited a safety incentive program that rewards people for lagging indicators and I'm worried there maybe injury hiding. How can I shift it to become behavior based?"

Aubrey Daniels on Employee Engagement
By Aubrey Daniels
Employee engagement is one of the latest topics to make headlines in today’s strained economy.

Playing the Right Cards for Safety
By Keith Johanson
"A lot of chemicals, a lot of machinery—this can be a pretty hazardous area if you don’t know what you’re doing."

BBS On Life Support--What to Do When it Fails...
By Jerry Pounds
"I’ve been selling BBS systems for 10 years, and I don’t have an agenda relative to methodology; I just want happy clients."

ROME NASA Experiences Big Success with You Did It Right!(tm) Cards
By Terry Carmon
The 350 employees representing an umbrella group of research, operations, maintenance, and engineering contractors for NASA in Virginia have experienced huge success with the Bill Sims Company’s You Did It Right!(tm) card.

Dispelling Popular Myths about Safety Incentives
By Bill Sims Jr.
Clearly, no one knows all the secrets of human nature and employee motivation--it is a constantly changing and highly complex subject. But that's what makes it so intriguing.

The Incentive Dilemma: Creating Corporate Sales Incentive Programs That Work
By Paul Shearstone
Manufacturers and distributors are rolling out more sales incentive programs for their channel partners than ever before.

"Why Do I Need BBS? My Safety System is Already Satisfactory..."
By Dave Stanley, Behavioural Consultant
I suggest that it is useful to start with an analogy which compares safety on our roads with safety in the industrial environment. We can consider three main elements.

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